Career Counseling and Diagnostic Testing

One-on-one sessions are tailored to the individual and may include:

  • Single one to two hour sessions to discuss your specific situation
  • A modified program or
  • A comprehensive assessment program of up to four sessions, plus coaching.

The comprehensive program includes:

Session 1

Discussion of your backgound and/or career life history, and setting specific objectives. If a more comprehensive program is needed, you take a Program Packet home for completion.

The Program Packet includes:

Diagnostic Assessment Tools
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Strong Interest Inventory and Skills Confidence Inventory

FIRO-B, Interpersonal Relations

Palladino's Assessment Tools
Comprehensive written exercises designed to help trigger self-analysis

Individual Assessment evaluation sheets to be given to family members, business colleagues, friends and manager or supervisor (feedback desired but optional)

Session 2

Continued discussions of marketable assets, development needs, values/skills identification, and career/life goals.

Session 3

A personalized and in-depth interpretation of the counseling and diagnostic process so far. Concrete suggestions and ideas are discussed for meeting your specific needs.

Individualized Profile Binder

A comprehensive individualized written profile binder is presented. It contains:

Directional summary report (8-12 pages)

All assessment results

Personal development suggestions and articles

Resources for how to move on

Session 4

Telephone and/or Face to Face Consultation --Development of a strategic plan based on your profile results. Further coaching/counseling can be arranged if needed or wanted.