Books, Video and Audio Published

Developing Self-Esteem A Guide for Positive Success by Connie Palladino, Ph.D.

Developing Self-Esteem explains how self-esteem affects one's attitudes and actions; directs ways to develop self-esteem and helps adults and children develop self-esteem by reading and learning. Specifically you will learn: How to risk change and overcome fear, create a positive belief system, turn negative thinking patterns around and identify your marketable strengths and set realistic goals. Developing Self-Esteem is in six languages and available as a book, video and audio tape. To order, call 1-888-534-5556 Axzo Press and ask for Self-Study/Crisp under Personal Development or visit :

Focus A Professional Development Program
Focus is a model that demonstrates a humanistic and psychological approach to career and personal development. Focusing people for success continues to be the objective. This book is a culmination of extensive research and practical technique utilized in Conie Palladino's consulting practice. Published by Consulting Psychologist Press in Mt. View, CA. To order, call 1-800-624-1765 or send email to:

A Journey of Self-Discovery
A series of exercises designed for self-reflection and life satisfaction. Published by Mind Garden in Redwood City. This contains a number of self-understanding and personal exploration exercises and focuses on three areas of your life: Past, Present and Future. Ideal for Career Counseling. Topics covered include: Lifeline, Experiences, Past Reflections, Life Roles, Leisure Interests, Work/Life Interests, Personal Strengths, Values, Life Obstacles, a Time Management Inventory, Self and Others Perceptions, Work Performance Appraisal, Work Skill Strengths, Reflections and Goal Setting. To order, call 1-650-261-3504.

Life Works! Discover How Life Works For You and Others
This friendly tool is guaranteed to educate, entertain and enhance your feelings and knowledge about your life and others. It is a unique approach to understanding life patterns and how they impact all aspects of your life, e.g., career/work, relationships, learning, leisure and much more. The book also provides tips for refocusing, rediscovering, reconnecting and renewing life options.
Self-published. Contact Connie Palladino at 408-412-8918 or

A Snapshot of You by Connie Palladino and Sherry Herrgott.



This is a workbook designed to help you discover your most valuable asset, YOU.


This handy little booklet provides:

  • A simplified tool for understanding complex and often misunderstood information
  • A user-friendly, easy to read, communication tool and guide sure to educate and entertain
  • Information and insight about who you are and how to better understand and talk with others of all ages
  • The psychology of self and others made easy for all to understand and apply
  • Practical tips to use with others at home, school, work or at play

Self-published. Contact Connie Palladino at 408-412-8918 or